Solutions for glucose measurement.

About Us

TecMed, Inc. is an intellectual property Wyoming Corporation, founded by a dedicated group of scientists and engineers.  

Lab research began with exploring blood glucose measurement technologies, through which there became an understanding of the need for accurate, reliable, continuous, and real-time technology. 

This technology had and continues to have application to intensive care and critical care environments. 

TecMed developed technology that is over 50% more accurate than competitors, which opens the door for better patient outcomes through exceptional patient healthcare.

Our History
Our Mission and Purpose
We aspire to the creation and refinement of partnering relationships which commercialize intellectual property that innovates blood glucose measurement and monitoring.

Vision and Purpose
The vision we maintain at TecMed drives our purpose. 

Our intellectual property sets the groundwork to provide exceptional healthcare outcomes for individuals worldwide through our advancements in blood glucose measurement technology. 

Additionally, our business model promotes the opportunity to generate exceptional profits for our shareholders, partners, and investors through creation, refinement, and commercialization of IP directed toward innovative solutions in blood glucose measurement and management. 

These under-served markets represent hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of financial opportunity for our organization, annually.