Solutions for glucose measurement.

Our Team

Senior Leadership

Alan J. Leszinske, BS, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman
C. Jack Emmons, BASc, MA, CPA, CFE, Chief Financial Officer
Laurel Hall, BA, Director
Steven Schroeder, BA, Senior VP of Marketing, Director
Joshua M. Farrell, JD, Corporate Counsel
Supporting Team

Emily L. Cross, PhD, Director of Media and Communication
William G. Leszinske, Advisor to the Board 
Rich Gray, Advisor to the Board
David Giaquinto, DDS, Advisor to the Board
Medical Advisor Team

Stuart Pett, MD 
Vincent Figueredo, MD 
Jeremy Gleeson, MD
Robert J. Dragan, BS, CCP
Elizabeth S. Meek, RN, BSN, MSN

TecMed is maintained by three pillars of collaborating teams, consisting of management, coordinating directors, and expert medical consultants.  We merge together with a common pursuit of commercializing technologies that enable exceptional patient care. 

Our team is comprised of an exclusive, educated, passionate and driven group of experts from diverse fields of study. 

  • medical science
  • applied research & development
  • technology incubation
  • medical devices & diagnostics
  • electrical & mechanical engineering
  • software development
  • analytical testing
  • business & marketing development
  • private finance