Solutions for glucose measurement.

Our Technology Solutions

Our proprietary technology was developed to address the recognized demand for automated, accurate and real-time blood glucose measurement.

TecMed has created patented and proven intellectual property solutions to meet patient care demands in multi-billion-dollar global markets. 

To date, no other company or technology has met the necessary specifications for accuracy, timeliness, and frequency of measure or cost that TecMed has achieved with our IP.
Top of Class Technology - Highly Accurate Measurement Results - Cost Effective
TecMed's patented IP is based on automated optical measurements that are consistent, accurate, measured in real-time, and provide a frequency of measure that is required for appropriate therapeutic management decisions by healthcare professionals.

The precision for our optical measurement technology has been demonstrated at approximately +/- 6% across 30 blind and double-blind human studies, while the best reported results for existing products and technologies is at or above +/- 10% for clinical point-of-care in-patient blood glucose measurement. 

TecMed's technology provides, on average, 40-50% greater accuracy than glucose measurement technologies available today.  TecMed's technology provides a solution for multiple issues common to existing blood glucose measurement products, methods and technologies:
  • Cost
  • Accuracy
  • Calibration
  • Laboratory data verification
  • Labor
  • Other common issues

How big is the market?

It is estimated that clinical patient blood glucose monitoring is a 3 billion dollar per year global market

It is estimated that consumer blood glucose self-monitoring is nearly 12 billion dollar per year global market.

How is TecMed's IP protected?

TecMed has five issued patents with over 30 independent claims, with another U.S. patent pending.

Other potential applications of TecMed patented technology include:

  • Hospital surgical and critical care bedside monitoring
  • Laboratory
  • Consumer home market
  • Medical instrumentation

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